There are so many things to experience while visiting Tibooburra, and staying at the Family Hotel makes the perfect base to explore not only the town, but also the many unique places in the surrounding area.

And while enjoining the hospitality of the Family Hotel, there are some unique things to do in the hotel as well.

Cameron Corner

"Wherever I go in the bush I always find my way back and always come out at the place where I want to go". Alfred Howitt, 1859. The surveyed north-west corner of NSW, Cameron Corner, is the point at which the states of NSW, Queensland and South Australia meet and it is this corner that forms the north-west boundary of Sturt National Park – one of NSW's largest National Parks at 340,000 ha.


How outback do you want to go? You drive 296 km north of Broken Hill, 39 km south of Tibooburra and 1,465 km from Sydney to a small turnoff from the Silver City Highway. All around the red dusty soils of Outback New South Wales stretch to the horizon. When gold was discovered in 1880 this became a thriving town but today it is a shadow of its former self. A reminder that only the hardest of human beings can live in such difficult conditions.

Roxanne Minchin

My works are highly detailed and strong in colour and depth, reflecting the "dreaming" the connection I have with the outback, where I have lived for most of my life and the ocean where I was raised.

Sturt NP

Sturt National Park, located just to the north of Tibooburra, holds a key to the geomorphology of outback Australia. Ancient eroded mountain ranges and vast plains, rolling red sand dunes. Surprising wetlands are surrounded by white sands, ephemeral catchment systems support an ever-changing ecosystem.

The Murals

I can't put a timing on the mural, I have a feeling it is around 1969, Clifton did not own the pub at the time, it was owned by Barney Davie. He and Clifton were mates, Clifton used to bring art classes into the desert to do week long art things

Tibooburra LALC

The Tibooburra Local Aboriginal land Council opened its office in 1991 after a lot of hard work and working from a home by the late Mrs Kathleen Beer.