Cameron Corner, Outback Australia


"Wherever I go in the bush I always find my way back and always come out at the place where I want to go". Alfred Howitt, 1859. 

The surveyed north-west corner of NSW, Cameron Corner, is the point at which the states of NSW, Queensland and South Australia meet and it is this corner that forms the north-west boundary of Sturt National Park – one of NSW's largest National Parks at 340,000 ha.

The drive from Tibooburra to Cameron Corner takes the visitor through a diverse landscape including the Waka Claypan, past Fort Grey which was a provisions stockade built by explorer Charles Sturt for his inland expeditions, and on to the Corner. Along the way is the Dog Fence which, at 5,000+km, is worlds longest fence.

The fence was constructed to keep roaming Dingos of the north and west out of the pastoral lands of NSW. It is beyond even the vast arid desert beauty of New South Wales' most northern park, Sturt National Park which is over 310,000 hectares.

Cameron Corner See & Do...

  • Cameron Corner Survey Marker
  • Stand in 3 states at once (NSW, QLD & SA)
  • Visit the iconic Cameron Corner store
  • Journey through Sturt National Park (Western section)
  • Visit the Dog Fence
  • Visit Fort Grey (on the way)
  • Marvel at the Waka claypan

For More information on Cameron Corner, please see the Cameron Corner website (one of our valued partners)