Tibooburra Local Aboriginal Land Council

The Tibooburra Local Aboriginal Land Council opened its office in 1991 after a lot of hard work and working from a home by the late Mrs Kathleen Beer.

The Tibooburra LALC functions under the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 and is an autonomous body working in conjunction with the New South Wales Land Council. History and information on NSWALC can be found at www.alc.org.au.

aunty maureenLocal Aboriginal Land Councils are funded under an agreement with NSWALC by NSWALC. No Land Councils in NSW are government-funded.

One of the functions of Local Aboriginal land Councils is the protection and promotion of culture and heritage.

Telling Stories to local school children during NAIDOC week.

The Tibooburra Local Aboriginal Land Council proudly holds its 'Keeping Place' museum open to the public.

Much of the display is in partnership with the Australian Museum, Sydney.

Above is a portion of our display.

Visitors are welcome at the Tibooburra LALC office to wander in the native garden, browse the library, or purchase a book or souvenir. A wander through the Keeping Place will allow the visitor a glimpse into the nomadic life of the Wangkumarra, Malyangapa and Wadigali tribes who moved through what is now known as the 'Corner Country'.

early plantingsreserve plantedVisitors are welcome to camp at the non-powered sites on the Aboriginal reserve, apportion of land granted to the Tibooburra Local Aboriginal Land Council. This portion of land holds much history for local aboriginal people. It is the area where the aboriginal people of the township had their fringe dwelling camps during the late 19th and up to mid to late 20th centuries.

Currently, the Tibooburra LALC is improving this land with revegetation. The revegetation will provide defence against wind erosion, more natural shelter for campers and in the future a supply of firewood and indigenous medicinal plants from local species of shrubs and trees.

There has been placed a natural barrier of boulders to prevent visitors unknowingly driving over heritage camp sites.

Above is a view of the main campsites. There are others across the other side of the creek.

The Tibooburra LALC has successfully applied for NSW Government Environmental Trust grant of $20000 over 3 years, currently into its 3rd year, for the project "Increase Awareness of Aboriginal Heritage and Culture".

keeping placeSo far the Tibooburra LALC has:

  • Connected water to the Reserve
  • Installed sustainable irrigation systems
  • Propagated 500 plants
  • Planted 1200 native plants
  • Established photo monitoring points
  • Installed display boards at the picnic shelter and
  • Lodged 2 progress reports with the Trust.

The Tibooburra LALC will:

  • create informative and interactive displays at the picnic shelter,
  • cement picnic tables in the shelter,
  • improve current toilet facilities,
  • create a walking trail with interpretative signage to explain the importance of this area, and 
  • record oral history of the Reserve with local Elders.

reserveThe Tibooburra Local Aboriginal Land Council invites you to camp at their Reserve while visiting Tibooburra and enjoying the fresh, openness of the area. At the moment, there are many new plantings that we know visitors will respect and will probably revisit to view the changes.

  • Currently, fees are $15 per night per vehicle, payable at the TLALC office.
  • Pets and campfires are welcome (wood must be brought in).
  • Office phone: 08 80913435. 9 am to 4 pm.
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There is plenty of space provided as campsites between the plantings as shown above.